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 Welcome to #Dare-to-Differ!

[ nònkən fáwrmist ]

1. unconventional: not conforming to an established pattern of behavior
2. unconventional person: somebody who does not conform to an accepted pattern of behavior

A non-conformist, by definition, is not someone who is the opposite of people who conform to societal expectations; please don't confuse this group as a place for "emo poetry" or something of the sort (please see bolded note at the bottom). Nonconformity is simply not caring- doing what YOU feel is right without considering others' opinions.

In effect, it's not being opposite, it's not caring.



What We Are

:damphyr: A home for any literature/writer that challenges, questions, or disregards authority, the status quo, tradition or expectations of others.

:damphyr: Call us rebels, revolutionaries, visionaries, or whatever you will- we will exist whether you want us to or not, and we are slowly changing the world.

:damphyr: Activism, Anonymous, hacktivism, freedom of information, rebellion, civil disobedience, independence, dissenters, social reformers and related subjects always welcome.


:damphyr: Although this is not a group designed for "emo poetry" (depicting excessive grief over heartbreak, self-harm or suicidal ideas or tendencies), no outright accusations of this will occur here. We're not going to start a debate over what IS and what IS NOT quality poetry or literature, as appreciation of ANY ART is subjective and is entirely a product of the readers' opinions.

All writing is welcome, and any member found posting negative biased criticism or similar will be banned from the group. Period.


Founder Note

Hello, and welcome to Dare-to-Differ. I'm Jeff, but I go by FedoraType on deviantART. I'm a poet from Texas who founded this community in search of a certain, rare kind of people- people who aren't afraid to embrace their desire to be different. I created this group in the hope that it will become a community of open-minded individuals who can express these traits in their writings. If you're unconventional and unashamed, I'd be honored to get to know you and have you as a part of this community.


Gallery Folders

Chaptered Pieces

Mature Content

Short Stories

Mature Content

Mature Content

Song Lyrics
Essays and Reports
The 'Consensus' Admits the Pause was REAL by Kajm
Whoops. What man-made global warming? by Kajm
Awareness and Freedom of Info
The Cowardice of Scapegoating by AmericanDreaming
Bleeding on the Table by AmericanDreaming
Oh-So-Heroic by AmericanDreaming
The Nuclear Tightrope by AmericanDreaming
Other Prose


:damphyr: We're open to affiliate with any literature group that somehow promotes individuality or freedom. Send us a note for more information!
:iconanonymouswearelegion: AnonymousWeAreLegion We are Anonymous, Expect Us...

Hello, and welcome to



:damphyr: I just threw 100 :points: into advertisement for the group through dAhub. For those of you that don't know, dAhub is an account run by an automated bot that allows you to earn points by watching/giving favourites and llamas to users who pay for them.

:damphyr: Unfortunately, unlike dAhub's competitor, dATrade (which has been offline for about a week now), dAhub only offers payment to people who +Watch the group instead of enrolling. Either way, this should allow for much more group publicity (and, hopefully, along with the watchers we'll receive a few sign-ups as well.)

:damphyr: To anyone interested in extending our dAhub advertisement by donating points, simply donate any amount of :points: greater than 20 to dAhub through the donation widget on his profile; including in the comments for the donation the phrase:

feature Dare-to-Differ watch
This makes use of the :devDEVIANTGROUPNAME: tag

Thanks for your support in our recruitment efforts!


Hello, and welcome to



:damphyr: This group needs to start off on the right foot. In order to boost activity and recruitment, the first ten people to post a journal about this group (see example journal below) will receive, just-like-that, 1 :points: from my personal collection. That's all there is to it.

As a bonus, any member who sends me the name of a member they got to join will receive 1 :points:, up to three members. This will go until I've given out 30 :points:. A bonus 1 :points: will be given to the new joinee if he/she replies to your comment and confirms the referral.

:damphyr: In order to be credited for the journal or any referrals, please post the link to your journal and the name icons of the people you've referred and gotten to join in the comments of this blog post. I'll ensure that it's there and credit your points. Please have a donation widget somewhere on your profile to make it that much easier for me~

:damphyr: Please; no point accounts, alt accounts, adoptable or plz accounts. I want the points to go directly to the artists themselves.


Promotion Bonus Journal Slots

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Member Referral Bonuses Left: 28
Confirmed Referrals: 2/2


This is honestly just the beginning of what I have planned for this group. I hope to see a rise in membership and activity, and I know I can't do it without the help of our members and administrators.


Hello, and welcome to


I'm FedoraType, our founder. I'd like to take this opportunity to welcome you to the group, a project that's been a while in brainstorming. You see, this group was founded around the belief that the artists who challenge the status quo or branch out from the norm, as well as express themselves freely without considering others' opinions, are the artists who end up changing the world. If you consider yourself to be an artist of this persuasion, then this may well be the home for you; you can be assured that your writing will be welcomed with open arms.

"Art changes people, and people change the world."


Frequently Asked Questions

:bulletred: Q: What kinds of art does this group accept?
:bulletblack: A: We have been founded as a literature group; to host poetry, prose, essays, song lyrics, etc. We may be open to more varied forms in the future, as we get enough administrators to handle the extra requests and traffic that this would lead to.

:bulletred: Q: How many deviations may I submit per day?
:bulletblack: A: Each member is allowed three (3) deviation submissions per day; this is a reasonable number and is used to ensure that the art submitted will be of a better quality. Contributors can submit up to five (5) deviations per day. Please note that all submission limits are subject to change based on group activity and other factors.

:bulletred: Q: Will there be contests?
:bulletblack: A: Naturally! As the group begins to gain momentum, we'll begin to host contests, release themes and plan other events. I already have ~100 :points: saved up for prizes in our first contest, and prize donations will be taken for a couple weeks prior to each contest.

:bulletred: Q: Are CF and Contributor positions open?
:bulletblack: A: The answer to this question may change rather frequently, but here's the current status of either:

:bulletgreen: = Open | :bulletyellow: = Trial Period/By Invite Only | :bulletred: = Closed

    Co-Founders: :bulletyellow:
    Contributors: :bulletgreen:

Send me a note to talk more about either of these.


Rules for Submissions

:bulletblack: Most importantly, submissions must embrace, in some way, one of the following themes or ideas; non-conformity, freedom, liberty, equality and human rights, tolerance of others' beliefs, independence, unrestrained self-expression, inspiration to change, awareness of oppression, injustice, doing what you feel is right, or courage and bravery. This list may be amended as time goes on.

:bulletred: No erotic pieces. There may be a time in which we choose to accept submissions of this type, but in order to keep this group properly focused, it's best to save those for when we take on more administrators.

:bulletblack: Submit to the correct folder. If you feel like there is a folder that needs to be added to our gallery, simply note Unfuck-the-World or one of our other admins and it should be taken care of.

:bulletred: Stick to the submission limit. The quality of your art, and not the quantity of works produced, will define you more as an artist than anything else. We're not doing you any favors by simply hosting half-effort pieces; ensuring quality in our submissions is as vital to the group's success as it is to the success of you as an artist.

:bulletblack: If there are any questions about submissions, or you're not sure how to do something, simply send a note to Unfuck-the-World or any of the other administrators and they should be happy to help.

More Journal Entries


Keep Calm AND Anon by LW-Lucy Keep Calm AND Anon :iconlw-lucy:LW-Lucy 7 2
I Am Free
I like wearing things that look good. I like being with my friends and doing the same things as them. I get made fun of by the kids who think that by dressing in dark clothes, getting piercings, and smoking, they're nonconformists, but they are as affected by popular opinion as anyone else.
The truth is I like being like everyone else. I like doing the same things as them. I like the clothes I wear, the things I do, the places I go. I don't care who else does them, because I am comfortable as I am, because this is me, and no matter what anyone says about me, I am my own.
:iconwastelandsofthemind:wastelandsofthemind 5 4
I Laugh At The Rumors
Don't call me a conformist
I'll throw something in your face
Something dark weird and creepy
Take your choose it doesn't really matter to me
I dress in weird ways
So I must decay on the inside
Look closer, no closer
See, I"m really one of you
Except I wear all black
You haven't seen my real hair color
For many years on end
You think I must sleep in a coffin
How uncomfortable
How unordinary
Well, you try conforming
To the nonconformists
You pick and you choose
There's nothing to lose
And when I transform into a bat
I'll fly away into a flight
Goodnight, goodnight
I tell you superstitious freaks
That I cry blood and I own two black cats
Who cross my path
I walk under ladders and open
Umbrellas on the inside
You may call me crazy
I call you insane
You laugh as you call me a witch
From behind me
See if I care, you little thing
I'll find where you live and promote
Satan on your garage
You must disapprove
But you can never prove
That I'm as horrible as you say I am
Except I wea
:iconfirenationgal:firenationgal 4 1
mommy dearest
mommy dearest,
                           i'm ever so sorry
                           i'm not your perfect little christian d r o n e
                           because i wear my eyeliner too thick,
                           and idolize all the wrong people
                           i'm  sorry i suppor
:icondreamingyournitemare:dreamingyournitemare 29 52










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